Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Have you ever noticed how many fix it shows are on? I’m not talking about the DIY fix your kitchen sink, shows. The type I mean are the Kitchen Nightmares, Kitchen Impossible, Hotel Hell, Hotel Impossible, Bar Rescue–Restaurant, Bar, and Hotel something or another, then there are the what not to wear shows—whew!
Some of these shows are enough to put me off eating out ever again. Go to a Mexican Restaurant and I can’t get the picture of a 5 gallon bucket of refried beans out of my head. Stay at a hotel and I fear laying on the bed, and I keep seeing that guy on the show wiping under the rim of the toilet or scanning the room with a black light. Shudder YUCK!
I have to ask, what is the purpose of these shows? On the surface, we can say, okay, it’s to help these clueless owners make a go of it in their chosen business venture. But really? Can these idiots really be that stupid? What I shouldn’t serve moldy slimy chicken? I should clean the toilet between guests?
When we lived in CA, there was a pizza place on the coast just off the 101, that we loved to go to. Imagine my surprise when I turned on Kitchen Nightmares and there the place was. We moved from CA 15 years ago and I still felt ill watching the filth in the kitchen. Now, we ate there several times and never got sick, the place didn’t have a weird smell, like that said on the show. Now, we can say it went downhill in that amount of time, but it never seems that these places have had a health department inspection, or that anyone had gotten sick eating in them.
So, I have to consider if maybe some of this stuff is staged. I can see the set director scratching his head and having a barf bag in his hand, directing where to put the rotten chicken, and using globs of chocolate frosting in the hotel room toilets to make them appear dirty. Oh, now there was an image I didn’t need—off camera the crew eating that frosting, well, out of the container, but still . . .
With the proliferation of these shows, why do we find them entertaining? We laugh, we cringe, we swallow the bile rising up the back of our throats and fight off a shiver, but yet we are glued to it, addicted. Have the DVR set up to record every episode.
I have no idea why . . . and I am out of time to figure it out, I just discovered Spike On Demand has Bar Rescue available.

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