Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nov. AW blog chain.

This month's prompt: 
NaMoReMo (National Mock Review Month)

In the spirit of NaNoWriMo, write a mock review of a writing project that you have done or would like to do. Make sure to either give a brief, one-sentence description of what the project is or work it into the review somehow. You can review anything (poetry, prose, collected blog posts) and in any way you like (funny, serious, Dadaist).

This is a tough one, last year I wrote over 167 k fro NaNo then another 2oo plus k in Dec.  This is a review of the raw draft of that epic . . . monster.

Reading The 12th World was like watching a bad rendition of Frankenstein.  Told in omni POV with a host of characters that would have taken a separate book just to categorize and profile for the reader to understand the story, it is a tome of over 400k words.  

The story head hops from one character to another, and while the reader can keep track of who is seeing the story, there is too much confusion, and the twists and turns often don’t make sense and require the reader to go back and reread to find their place in the story.

The story starts on Earth with no explanation for the almost post apocalyptic conditions there, martial law seems to be in place, until one of the many main characters leaves Earth through a system of magical gateways that the reader is never given an explanation for.  One of many parts that don’t make sense.

Once on the alien world where tech should be high on the SciFi list it seems totally absent, the reader is tossed into a world that seems more primitive than a trip to medieval world.

Like Frankenstein’s monster this novel is a conglomeration of parts, that don’t look very pretty when stitched together. And like Frankenstein's monster it would be better off locked away where no one will ever see it.

I give it a read if you want a headache rating.

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  1. LOL! Talk about being harsh on oneself. I might pass on 400k words of head hopping. That's just honesty to the core. :)

    1. I can do omni pretty well but some section in this one were way too many heads in one scene! It was a NaNo novel that I am working on converting to third person, or maybe into several novels at some point,

  2. That's a big manuscript; it shows dedication at least! :)

  3. 400K words? Holy cow that's dedication!

    1. My agent at the time had put out a call for epic fantasy in the style of Game of Thrones, and when NaNo started i just let it rip with no thought as to word count, or number of characters. Normally my novels run less than 100k. But tis was fun to write, I let go of all the "rules" and just went for it, pretty freeing.

  4. Aww! I love self-deprecating humor (unless I'm not smart enough to understand it). ;) If your 400K words are anything like your writing here (which I greatly enjoy), I'm sure it can't be that bad!

    1. Most of my work has an undercurrent of snark. one liners and characters who don't take themselves too seriously or learn not to in the end. IN life, ha, this is me, I don't take myself to seriously, and find humor in most things and situations no matter how bad they are.

      You can read some excerpts from my books on my web site, its the link in the box on the side that says SRHowen and Shaunna Wolf in red.

  5. 367K in two months? That. is. epic!

  6. I'm surprised your fingers were still working in January. Sounds like a lot a material you need to sort through and finish up on.

  7. I can't write that much. I get fidgety after awhile and switch to something else.