Thursday, December 13, 2012

IN the House at ouse Millar today!

House Millar review and excerpt today!

Check out the newest review for Medicine Man I The Chief of All Time.

Reviews re always scary.  You never know what someone is going to say.  I know i don't much care for the Twilight series of books, but I am a vampire purist, I think they should be scary not sparkly.  So when you get a review you know the chances are it may be a bad one because someone didn't like the book, or even what your main character looks like!

A review to me should be about the writing, the story, and not if you like blonds and the MC has black hair. But I have seen reviews like that, mean, nasty reviews because the reviewer didn't like the MC's hair color.   I welcome all reviews, they are a guage if you are doing your job right, entertaining the reader.

So come take a look at the newest review for my latest release.  And tomorrow-- The Holidays!  On a blog hop.

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