Thursday, February 28, 2013

Faded blue jeans, or what happened to my 501's?

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Faded Blue Jeans, prompted by meowzbark 

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My first thought when reading the phrase, faded blue jeans, was oh, a nice pair of 501’s and a hunky guy to go with them—in or out of them, your choice.  Then, I wondered, do blue jeans even fade anymore?  While I like the new “jeans” with their stretch fabrics, I miss the old jeans, that over time conformed to your body as they aged.  You had your favorite pair, the ones with a rip across the knee and that hole by the pocket on the back—wear the black underwear, it won’t show!—and that fade over time.

Now, I don’t even know what size to get, the new 9 is the old 12 or 14, and what fits in the store, isn’t going to fit 3 hours later when they have stretched themselves to the point of falling around your ankles if you don’t hold them with one hand as you walk ala “styling.”  And if they get a hole, forget it, they rip like a magical elf took a scissors to them the moment you get out of the car.  Note: that elf never slices and dices at home as you get in the car, no, only when you get out, already late, at your destination. 

I have jeans I wore in college.  Some of them, don’t have holes, they are only faded a little and still maintain their shape—if only I were so lucky.  The oldest pair of these new “comfort fit” things I have is less than a year old.  Why?  Because they don’t last for shit.  Who ever heard of jeans snagging? And they don’t fade.

I have to wonder, have belts also adapted this new way of thinking?  Have the sizes of belts changed?  Last time I went to buy one, to hold up the now sagging jeans I had on, the women’s belts were now x-small, small, med, large, x-large, xx-large and so on.  So I have to think that manufactures have adopted the same mind set, and changed the sizing labels on them as well.  No more, well my waist is this big, so I get a belt this size.  My daughter was laughing her ass off as I tried to figure out what size belt to get, only to discover that the belt loops on these new so called jeans, were not designed for a good thick rugged belt, no, they wanted a little thin dainty belt, that wouldn't work at staying up any better than the dang jeans!

Somehow, I think I will only have fond memories of those old faded blue jeans that I loved so well.  These new ones, just don’t have the same appeal.  Unless of course you luck out and find some at a yard sale—oh, for winter to be over.    

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  1. Levi's don't just have sizes and cuts anymore, now they have the "curves" measurements. How I used to love my blue jeans back in the 90's. They suck now.

    I used to be able to just pick out a pair of Levi's by either the red label or orange label. Now they have boot cut, original cut (which aren't anywhere near original), loose fit (can't you just buy a size bigger if you wanted this?), straight leg, low rise, mid rise, and bootilicious. WTF?

    Can't a lady just get a pair of 1980's, 1990's, 2000's, or 2010's? Thanks....

    1. Bootilisious? OMG what is that, like if you have lots of junk in the trunk?

  2. Lol! I threw away a part of jeans (one year old or a little less) at a hotel in December because they ripped on a road trip. I had to tie a jacket around my waist when we stopped for dinner. 90s look without the 90s jeans.

    You can have 3 pair of jeans, same brand, same size, and none of them fit the same. Last time I went jean shopping, I tried on 20 pairs of jeans (no joke), all the same size, to find one that fit right. So ridiculous.

    end rant. Lol!

    1. That sounds like me with the belt, crazy! I found one that fit then saw a different one I liked better but the same size was not the same with the other belt. And you can't shrink jeans in the dryer anymore either. They shrink and then they balloon later.

  3. You are so right! I loathe clothes shopping in general but jeans are the worst. You know some of those jeans from the 80s sell for big bucks now.

  4. Oh!! Jeans just don't fit anymore. My favorite pair (I bought two) were ones I bought while visiting Fiji. Sadly, that brand has never been in the US and I have never found another that fit just as they did. They lasted a good 10 years until I outgrew them. I have to agree with how teh same size, same style never fit the same, and try fitting an eleven year old boy with a bum. None fit. Great post, it gives us all one more thing in common.

  5. Ahhh, those were the days, the days of REAL jeans.

    I remember my best friend from highschool sitting in a tub of water, in her jeans, to get the perfect fit. I also remember how furious her mother was when she saw that the lower half of her white bathtub was stained blue. :-)

  6. I spent a long time finding out which jean brand fits me perfectly - now I just always rebuy the same brand/style/size every time I need a new pair.

  7. It's always much more fun if you faded and holed the jeans yourself rather than letting Abercrombie and Fitch do it for you :)

    Incidentally, the comma in "Some of them, don’t have holes" needs to be taken out back and shot. Or perhaps offered the choice of hemlock or exile.