Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oct. BTS Magazine

October BTS Book Reviews Magazine Featured Author

Join us and explore the October issue of BTS Book Reviews magazine. Our featured cover author is Victoria Danann and here is a little taste of her feature. See full feature at: BTS eMag.
Question: Share with us a little about your current release and your next release.
Victoria:  Gathering Storm, is the fifth installment in my serial saga just released September 19. This series is a little different from what readers are used to because it’s an ongoing story – not in the sense of cliffhanging endings. Each book does tell its own story complete with ending, but the next begins where the last ended. That’s why each book comes with a strong recommendation for reading in order.

The first four books were loosely based on themes of fairy tales or beloved stories, i.e., Alice in WonderlandSnow WhiteThe Pied Piper, and Little Red Riding Hood. These tales are situated against a backdrop of modern day knights and heroes, witches, elves, berserkers, psychics, demons, vampires, werewolves, and more. While that may sound silly or juvenile, or both, I assure you the series is neither.

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