Thursday, January 17, 2013

Guest Blog--Patrick Royal

Please welcome my guest blogger today:

Patrick Royal Author of Sleep Stalker from Wild Child Publishing

Author’s ideas come to them in many different ways but mine came in sort of a vision. It was one morning on my way to work. A morning I’ll never forget. Gray clouds blanketed the sky and blocked out the sun. Wind blew hard through long blades of grass and sent them into rolling waves.
Now, I don’t consider myself psychic by any means. However, these certain scenes seemed to unveil itself to me. I remember sitting at a red stoplight when a car in crossing traffic passed in front of me. From where I was there was no driver. The light turned green, and I went straight. I traveled a block further, and a shadowy being hovered and floated on the side of the road. When I passed it, I turned my head and looked over my shoulder; it was gone.
Can I say that every writer experiences this? No, I can’t; I only know what happened to inspire me. I bet if you ask 9 out of 10 of them though, they will tell you something overwhelming has inspired them what to write.

Please check out Patrick's latest work:

Sleep Stalker

A group of people are experiencing nightmares. They are a bit more than just bad dreams. After numerous reports of an outbreak of nightmares, unexplainable deaths begin to occur. Three decades later, it happens again. There is speculation that the deaths are at the hands of a demon. Is it a Demon or something more sinister? If it is a demon, can it be stopped?
Sleep Stalker will appeal to the YA13+ crowd as well as adult readers. It takes you on a wild and terrifying ride from the 1960's to modern time and to Hades and back. Do you have your coins for the ferryman...
Genre: Horror
Book Length: Category Novel
Word Count: 61,174
Pages: 216
Price: $4.99

Just read Sleep Stalker by Patrick Royal. I was intrigued by the different stories. Good show of characters and imagination. Would like to see more from this author.
Date Added: 01/06/2013 by Sandi Sipe

This is truly an awesome book and story line!!! It kept me guessing throughout with all the turns and twists! I grew up in the Hobart, Indiana area so to visit the landmarks and the people from my home town, was awesome!!! Great new author to add to my favorite list!! I have read two of Patrick Royal's books and was totally absorbed with both for the few days it took me to read them- couldn't put them down!!! With each new book- the twists and turns continue... Can't wait for your next release Patrick!!!!
Date Added: 01/06/2013 by Rhonda Burton 

 Just finished Sleep Stalker and loved it! glad to see a good novel in this genre that is not full of gore. Patrick Royal is an author worth reading. My only regret is that I am finished with it. Will definately be looking for his next endeavor. I highly recommend it any wanting a new author to follow. Keep'em comming Patrick. You have a new fan.Date Added: 11/26/2012 by david smith


  1. A lot of my book ideas come from "what if." (I ask a lot of questions. LOL) I am working on one that is a bit dark for that short story, but not nearly as dark as Sleep Stalker.

    Had that happened to me, I'd've been spooked!


    1. It definetly gave me the willies, Marci. lol I got a great story from it.