Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I had this idea for a blog going round in my head all night, whenever something woke me, I thought yeah that’s what I will write about tomorrow—well I should have written it last night, because by this AM when I had to give up on sleep, POOF the blog muse had left the building.

Not writer’s block, a concept I don’t believe in anyway, but just poof.  Senior moment? I do keep getting those ads for AARP.  Lack of sleep, well, now that I would believe.  Maybe one of the critters came by and sucked the idea out of my head, no wait that zombies and eating brains, or is that cats and baby’s breath . . . ?

Anyway, the idea was gone.  So I thought I would find it on Twitter, nope, did get distracted for an hour trying to find it though.  Then I went to see what the whole ta-do is about Goodreads.  And got sucked into another time waster, rate the books you’ve read, really?  I think I stopped after 45 of them.  The idea wasn’t wandering around that web site either.  I went to Absolute Wirte, listed one of my books in the library there, didn’t find the idea there either, got sidetracked into Amazon where I discovered that two anthologies I am published in, Amazon does not have me down as an author so I could not add them to my author’s page.  My idea wasn’t there either. Then I went to Facebook, this is the great time sucking hole, as bad as, or the onion . . . when I cam up for air I had not found my idea either.

So I went to the blog for the WCP scavenger hunt and found the clue I needed but didn’t find my idea there either, I was sure I would.

I guess this evolves to where the frack do ideas come from anyway, and when they go away where do they go?  Is it like old junk mail that somehow manages to get behind the refrigerator?    Or like the remote that somehow gets under the couch?  Lost but found if you look in the right place or feel along in the dark, or lost until you move or have to buy a new fridge? 

Just where do ideas go? 

I think when we don’t act on an idea that they zing across the space time continuum and slip up someone elses nose and into their brain.  Ever notice how when you are doing something you think wow, if only I had a (something) like this?  And then poof a few weeks later (or maybe a year) you see an infomorecial about the very thing you were thinking of, like how to recycle skinny pants into arm guards so your left arm doesn’t get sunburned when driving. Now why don’t they make right armed ones for the passengers?  Now just watch, tonight when I can’t sleep and am surfing the infomercial dead land I will see, NEW presto arm guards for your passenger . . .

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