Sunday, October 14, 2012

Que Rod Serling . . . or Dear Diary

Blogs.  Web log. Dear diary, I really want to write about all the neat and special stuff that happens to me, but instead of hiding it under my mattress, I want it out there on the web for everyone to see. Isn’t that the truth of it?  Blogs (diaries) used to be kept mostly by pre-teen and teen girls.  They wrote all those dirty things that they didn’t want mom and dad to know about.  And sometimes stupid stuff as well that no one cared about except the person writing it.

Most the blogs I read have to do with writing, book reviews, author interviews, publishing news, agents' sites, trends, and so on. I’m not into the ones that talk about what an awful life someone has, I have enough drama llamas in my own life that I don’t need others.  Of course there are those who splash that crap across facebook as well. 

Then there are the special people who don’t get their facts right.  Mostly I avoid these people. It doesn’t do any good to tell them that they are wrong, even if you have five reputable sources to back you up—they will still stand behind their truth.  And then they will have their entire posse wearing sandwhich signs proclaiming their greatness. Look the world is flat! It is only 6000 years old! So I gave up on those as well.

Isn’t that what a blog is, we think that everyone wants to know what we are doing?  Wow, look I have 10 people following me! Fantastic, but if I was walking through the mall and 10 people were following me, I might be alerting security.  If 10 people were following me and peeking in my windows when I was getting ready to shower – well no wait, they’d be blind now, but at the same time . . . (Que Twighlight music) (NO not that Twighlight) (The Rod Serling type Twighlight music) it would be pretty creepy.

But here we are on the information highway seeking more followers – so like me on facebook, or follow my twitters, or join my site because having people follow me isn’t creepy at all, no not even in the smallest bit . . . .

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  1. I can see your point. I'm currently working to make one blog less personal because, while posting decent enough information, it had gotten to where every post felt like it was either bragging or complaining about my life and my kids. That's why I started a completely separate site, one where I can still discuss what I'm feeling, but everything is focused on writing.

    I laugh at people who are obsessed with how many people are following them everywhere!