Monday, October 8, 2012

Tha land of the midnight lawnmowers . . .

Our house is pretty sound tight.  By this I mean if you drive into the driveway unless the dog or the raccoon and a few of the cats alert us, we most likely don’t hear you.  The exception is the kitchen and the bathroom.  A few nights ago, I went into the bathroom at 2 am and what did I hear?  At first I was sure I wasn't hearing right, now I don’t live in Alaska, the land of the midnight and 2 am sun, so . . .

The clear sounds of a lawn mower were echoing around outside.  

Now explain this to me?  Our riding lawn mower has headlights, and even if I wanted to cut the grass at 2 am, I don’t think they would illuminate well enough to actually cut grass at night, I’ve never really understood why riding mowers have headlights, I guess if you use some of the tools, like the wood-splitter, or trailer, you might want to use the lights, if you wanted to split wood after dark . . . for emergency fires and all that. Or maybe that’s what they mean by midnight gardeners?  No, that’s something else entirely, but maybe you could use that lawn mower’s headlights to dig up your 50 gallon drums of survival food after the zombie apocalypse . . . Machete ready, since everyone knows zombies are attracted to noise.

So I am still back to why someone was cutting grass or whatever at 2 am.  

We lived in an old Victorian home once that had been converted to flats and efficiency apartments, and there was an old guy who cut the grass, who lost his driver’s license to one too many DWI’s, and he used to take the riding lawn mower to the bar.  But we live in the hind end of the sticks in nowhereville, it’s 6 miles just to the edge of town, and no bars or BYOB (BUY your own bottle) stores open on a Sunday night.

Perplexed, I went outside and tried to see who was using the thing.  I figured I could see the lights somewhere.  All I could hear were the sounds of that mower, and it did indeed sound as if someone were cutting grass with it.

I have no idea why they were doing this, or how they were seeing what they were cutting.  But there it is, the joy of yard work at 2 am . . . unless maybe they are a vampire and that’s the only time they can cut grass so they don’t burn up in the sun?

I’ll just sign off now, I think I need to go buy some garlic and make a few wooden stakes . . .


  1. Awesome. In a scary-ass kind of way. :)

    Caught your post from the AbsoluteWrite Water Cooler.

  2. Vampire or dedicated gardener, I'd be leaning towards getting the garlic as well.